About Us

Our Value

PlaySpirit Limited is dedicated towards creating and developing games that become part of user's daily routine for a very long time, keeping them entertained.

We do not want to create mobile games that only catch users short attention span, resulting into download in the the first day and uninstall the next.

We know for a fact that mobile games industry has been flooded with millions of poor quality games.
New games come and go every day.
We want to create games that offer long term customer value, strong users engagement and high retention rate.

Our History

PlaySpirit is founded by experienced online entrepreneur Ken Lim and game expert developer Bogdan Radu.

Prior to getting into game business, Ken already had been involved with online marketing industry where he managed high volume media buy, users acquisition and traffic generation for various lead generation companies.

Always been fascinated by mobile tech, Ken created his first game by working with Bogdan from a popular outsource site in 2013.

Since then, the duo went on working on various small game projects.

Play Spirit Games now has more than 15,000,000 downloads.